1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special

1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special

Elvis purchased his first Cadillac sometime between February 17 and March 9, 1955 and had it painted pink and white.

According to a 1956 Elvis magazine the car went from 13.000 to 64.000 miles in the few months Elvis had it. The miles might be exaggerated unless Elvis chose to drive back and forth to most shows instead of staying at a hotel while on tour.

The Cadillac burned up on the road between Hope and Texarkana on June 7, 1955.

When Elvis bought the Cadillac it had 2D 35218 on the license plate.

New license plates were sent out to drivers in late March each year to be changed by April 1.

Elvis´ new plate for the Cadillac was 2D 23693


The first number (2) on the plate meant that the car was registered in the second most populated county in the state which in 1956 was Shelby County.

The letter D meant that the car was a "heavy" car.

Ca. March 1955

Austin, Tx., March 17,1955

Tampa, Fl., May 8, 1955

Houston, Tx., May 22, 1955

Speeding ticket, April 3, 1955

Coming out of a hotel, probably in Texarkana, and posing with his Cadillac.

On April 3, 1955 Elvis was on is way home to Memphis after a show in Houston the previous night. He had taken U.S. Interstate Highway 59 northbound  and entered Highway 171 40 miles south of Shreveport in the late afternoon.

Trooper Nolan F. Strange was on patrol on Highway 171 heading south and noticed a car approaching at high speed. He turned around and chased the car for 9 miles at 80 mph on the 60 mph road.

Trooper Strange stopped the car and the driver was carried to Caddo Parish jail in Shreveport to post bond of $25.00 on the charge of speeding.

The driver ´s name was listed as Elvis A. Presley

Address:2414 Lamar, Memphis, Tenn.

Occupation: Entertainer.

Height: 5'11, Weight: 165.

Complexion: Fair, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown.

Time: 4:45 PM

The car was listed as a 4-door 1954 Cadillac bearing the license plate 2D 35218. When Elvis got back to Memphis he would change the license plate on his car.

Above and below:

During the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Celebration in Meridian, Ms., on May 26, 1955

Riding on the hood with Elvis is Jimmie Rodgers Snow, son of Hank Snow.

Elvis Presley saw red early last week when flames devoured his pretty pink Cadillac on the road between Hope and Texarkana, Ark. A break lining caught fire and before the flame could be doused, the vehicle went up in smoke. Presley and his boys escaped injury and all instruments were saved.

Billboard Magazine, June 25, 1955