March 6, 1974. 8:30 pm

Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, Al.

Presley was the star

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UPI) Gov. George C. Wallace may have felt a tinge of jealousy when several thousand shrieking women paid homage to their idol, Elvis Presley.

Wallace took his wife, Cornelia, to see Presley´s  sellout concert in Garrett Coliseum and would have gone unnoticed if he had not entered during intermission.

The governor came back to Montgomery a day early from the Natinal Governors Conference in Washington to escort Mrs. Wallace to the Presley show.

The first family had met the Preseident on several occasions and rubbed shoulders with the highest ranking political figures, but their path had not crossed Presley´s. Mrs. Wallace admitted that she wanted to see what Presley looked like in person.

Wallace and his party, including motherinlaw Ruby Folsom, Austin, created a mild stir on the ground floor when Wallace was rolled in after the first half of Presley´s show in which his  troupe entertained.

A number of persons left their seats to shake Wallace´s hand when he arrived at his mediocre seating area but the reception was polite and extremely orderly.

Presley acknowledged Wallace´s proclamation naming the week during the performance in his honor in Alabama, but he seemed to take it tongueincheek. He appeared to treat the gesture something like a million-aire would if he found a dime on the street.

The Wallaces had offered to entertain him while he was in Alabama for the concert here and in Auburn the previous night. But the invitation was declined and Mrs. Wallace said she was  not offended because as an entertainer in her younger days she knew the pressure on onenight stands.

Presley did allow them to come back stage before  he began his show

The performance had been a sellout from the day word leaked out that Presley was going to be in town. There were 11,328 seats and the gate receipts ran around $104,000 for the local show alone and the Auburn crowd was about  the same size.

When the perspiring Presley concluded his show, he was rushed out of the building through a heavily guarded back door to keep the enthusiastic fans from mobbing him.

Wallace remained in the audience. There was no mad break to get his autograph

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