November 29, 1968

1174 Hillcrest Drive, Los Angeles, Ca.

A meeting with Elvis & Priscilla

by Hilda Johnson

My girlfriend and I were excited as children in a candy store as we stood outside of the gates to Elvis´ home in Beverly Hills. We felt privileged just to be there and time passed by quickly as we chatted with another fan who spends a great deal of time there, day in and day out. Sharon and I learned that her name was Lorraine and that she often had the opportunity to meet and talk with Elvis, that he knew her and would stop and talk whenever she was there. This excited us even more. "Can we be lucky enough to meet Elvis too," we thought.

As the morning passed by, a car drove up and stopped at the gate. It was Priscilla. Imagine, Elvis Presley´s wife, and she had stopped right in front of us. She was nice. She spoke for awhile, allowed us a few photographs and even signed a new L.P. I had just purchased at the Singer sewing machine store. Its title is "Flaming Star." After Priscilla left, we bubbled over with pleasure at our good fortune. What happened next was something Sharon and I could never have been prepared for. A meeting with Elvis himself.

It was around 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon when Charlie Hodge drove up to the gate. With him was Elvis. As Charlie stopped and waited for the gate to open, Elvis rolled down his window and spoke to us. I couldn´t contain myself. I kept telling him how good looking he was, etc. etc. etc. I doubt an intelligent word escaped my lips. He treated us with the greatest of respect and I asked him if I may have an opportunity to have my photograph made with him. He told Charlie to drive through the gates and he got out of the car. As big as life, he stood there. He bent over, put his lips to my neck and kissed me. I was so pleased as Sharon shot the photographs as Elvis stood next to me with his arms around my shoulders. Then Sharon too had the opportunity to have her picture made with him before he bid us good-bye and walked up to the house. As he reached the steps, he stopped and turned around. Waved good-bye and disappeared into the darkness.

Later on the same day, Priscilla returned to the gates. Once again, she stopped to chat and we took a few more photographs. I´ll never forget that day as long as I live. A dream come true.

Part II

Copyright: Bob Heis´ Something for Elvis, Vol 4, No 1

The date for these photos has been chosen due to Hilda Johnson stating that her photos were taken a few days apart and her other photos have been dated as December 2, 1968.