February 1, 1968

Baptist Hospital, Memphis, Tn.

There´ll be a new, if not melodious, sound at Graceland soon - that of Lisa Marie Presley, the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley.

The daughter, who weighed six pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 inches long, was born at 5:01 p.m. - six hours and 19 minutes after her attractive brunet mother, Mrs Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, entered Baptist Hospital.

The Presleys were married May 1 at Las Vegas, Nev.

Mrs. Presley arrived at the hospital at 10:42 a.m., escorted by her  husband, about a dozen family friends and two Memphis policemen.

Asst. Police Chief Henry Lux said the policemen were all off-duty volunteers and that Elvis will get a bill from the city for their services. The officers are standing eight-hour shifts and will be paid about $25 per shift.

Elvis spent most of the six hours his wife was in labor secluded in a hospital maternity unit doctors lounge with his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley, and a few friends.

Twenty-six minutes after Lisa Marie was born, an exited Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley told newsmen, "It´s a baby girl."

Of Elvis, Mr. Presley said, "He´s still pretty nervous, but he was pretty happy when he found out about it."

Maurice Elliot, assistant to the hospital´s administrator, said Elvis was "a pretty typical first-time father" and that the baby was "looking fine. She has light brown hair with a little curl in it."

He said Mrs. Presley will stay in a fifth floor private room of the Madison East wing and that the baby will be kept in the hospital´s general nursery in the Union East Wing.

Mrs. Presley will be able to view her baby, while it is in the nursery, via a closed circuit television system available to all maternity patients at the hospital.

Elvis will be able to see his daughter as often as he wishes but hospital officials said he won´t be allowed to handle her until she is ready to go home, a "routine, precautionary measure."

The baby will be a bottle baby and will be taken to visit her mother twice a day under the hospital´s routine.

There had been reports that a four-room suite, recently redecorated, had been set aside especially for the arrival of the Presley baby. However, Mr. Elliot said Mrs. Presley would have one private room and that a second room would be made available to the family. The rooms will cost about $41 per day.

Mrs. Presley, who met Elvis in 1959 while he was stationed in Germany with the United States Army, is the daughter of Air Force Col. and Mrs. Joseph Beaulieu of Waco, Texas.

When Elvis returned to the United States, Priscilla came with him. In 1963 she moved to Memphis and became a houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley.

At the time of their marriage she was 21 and Elvis was 32.

PROUD DADDY - Elvis Presley, followed by his father, Vernon Presley, was smiling as he walked down a corridor at Baptist Hospital last night after seeing his new daughter, Lisa Marie, for the first time. Elvis´ wife, Priscilla, gave birth the the child at 5:01 p.m.

Copyright: Memphis Commercial Appeal, February 2, 1968

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