May 01, 1967

Alladin Hotel, Las Vegas, Nv.


...The Former Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, Whom He Met In Germany

About Time Says Elvis


Elvis Presley, who waited to marry until he was 32 and a millionaire, was honeymooning today with his 21-year-old bride.

The actor - singer and Priscilla Beaulieu, his longtime girl friend, slipped off to Las Vegas, Nev., to marry Monday.

"Well, I guess it was about time," Presley joked later.

"With the life I had, I decided it would be best to wait. You know, all the shows and record engagements."

After parlaying a guitar and a hip-swinging rock ´n´ roll style into a fabolous motion picture and record carreer, Presley met Miss Beaulieu in Germany when he was a drafted soldier in 1959.

She is the daughter of Army Lt. Col. and Mrs. Joseph Beaulieu, formerly of Memphis, Tenn., Presley´s home town.

Supreme Court Justice David Zenoff of Nevada performed the wedding ceremony before 14 guests in a Las Vegas hotel suite. Later, the newlyweds held a champagne breakfast for 100 guests.

By chartered plane, the Presleys returned to Palm Springs where they have a $500,000 hillside home.

Neither would say if they planned to go elsewhere.

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Elvis  Presley Emerges


AP Movie-Television Writer

HOLLYWOOD - Elvis Presley emerged this week from the seclusion of his private life. He celebrated his marriage to Priscilla Ann Beaulieu at a lavish Las Vegas reception, then disappeared once more.

The wedding apparently caused no wave of consternation among the Presley fans. Most of the girls who screamed at his gyrations 10 years ago are now wives and mothers. While many of them remain fiercely loyal to their hero, they appear sympathetic to his acquiring a wife.

The loyalty of Presley fans puzzles Hollywood insiders. Unlike some popular favorites who are willing to share their lives with the public, Elvis has led an almost Garbo-like existence in recent years.

Ha makes no personal appearances, gives only perfunctory interviews on movie sets. His records and movies are his only exposure to the public. While his record sales have been overshadowed by the Beatles and other more recent favorites, he is still a top seller. He can still earn a million dollars apiece for the three films he makes annually.

His romance with Priscilla Beaulieu was typical of Presley´s penchant for secrecy.

Movie magazines and gossip columnists started to sniff out a romance when the petite brunette appeared amid the platoons of handlers and hangers-on that surrounded the singer.

It was discovered that Elvis had met her when he was 24 and she was 14. He was stationed with the Army in Germany, where her father was an Air Force officer.

Briefly From Seclusion

His chief romance when he returned to his carreer was a girl named Anita Woods. But that blew over about the time Priscilla´s father was transferred to the United States. She turned up as permanent house guest at Elvis´ lavish Memphis home, Graceland. The singer´s father and stepmother lived there at the time, but later moved out.

Priscilla finished high school in Memphis, remaining there during Presley´s forays to Hollywood for film making. After graduating, she joined the entourage, living in the mosque-like Bel Air mansion Elvis rented during filming.

"She used to drive around Memphis in a fire-engine red Corvair convertible," said a Memphis reporter. She wouldn´t say whether Elvis had bought it for her. In fact, she wouldn´t say much of anything. She was as hard to get to as Elvis."

Priscilla helped preside at the parties for the Presley group at Graceland. She also went along on the nighttime enter-tainments.

During the past year, his fellow movie workers thought Elvis was inclining toward matrimony, especially since several of his close followers were marrying and startin families.

More evidence appeared when he bought his own Bel Air mansion a year ago, then a $500,000 house in Paml Springs

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