March 18, 1966

MGM Studio, Hollywood, Ca.

Lynda Bird Views Hollywood Hip Set

Hollywood, Calif. -- Lynda Bird Johnson celebrated the eve of her 22nd birthday with a visit to Hollywood´s swinging discotheque, The Daisy, with boy friend George Hamilton early Sunday.

The private club caters to the hip set. Miss Johnson was wide eyed at the array of casually dressed motion picture people. Not a head was lifted when the president´s daughter entered with her escort.

But later a cake with a single lighted candle was brought to her table and everyone joined in singing "Happy Birthday."

Her escort, Hamilton, 26, said an informal birthday party would be held at his home Saturday night.

Elvis with Col. Tom Parker, Lynda Bird Johnson and George Hamilton.

Miss Johnson toured MGM studios and a movie set and saw behind the scenes of show business Friday. On "The Man From Shenandoah" set she met Robert Horton, who introduced Miss Johnson to his horse. She also met Elvis Presley.

She charmed Hollywood´s glamor group Friday night at a party in her honor at Hamilton´s mansion.

She greeted such stars as Lucille Ball, Hugh O´Brian, Edward G. Robinson, Greer Garson, Elke Sommer, Arlene Dahl and Edgar Bergen.

Eddie Fisher sang: "On one happy day, I´ll make Lynda mine."

Miss Johnson is scheduled to return to Austin, Tex., Sunday. She will resume her studies at the University of Texas on Monday.

Copyright: Milwaukee Journal, March 19, 1966

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