September 28, 1965

Paramount Studio, Hollywood, Ca.

"Miss Fire Prevention" of Memphis to Arrive Here

Fire Prevention Week., Oct. 3 through 9, will have a glamorous advance agent in Los Angeles when Miss Susie Buchwald 18, of Memphis, Tenn., steps off American Air-lines Flight No. 23 at Los Angeles International Airport tomorrow at 1:48 p.m.

Susie is Memphis´ Miss Fire Prevention Week, and she´ll be in Town for a four-day visit. City Fire Chief Don T. Hibbard and County Fire Chief Keith E. Klinger have made arrangements for their fire departments to demonstrate Southern California hospitality to the Southern belle with a whirlwind tour of the most beautiful sights, movis studios, Disneyland and, of course, fire stations.

Not all visiting firemen get this treatment, fire officials pointed out.

"Fire Prevention Week is a nation-wide reminder that stopping fires before they start is everybody´s job, not just ours," Chief Klinger and Chief Hibbard said.

Copyright: Van Nuys News, September 26, 1965


This photo has been placed on this date due to Miss Fire Prevention arriving in Los Angeles in the afternoon of  Sep 27 for a four-day visit. The photo could be from  any day between September 28 and 30.