September 21, 1964

Shelby County, Memphis, Tn.

Elvis Presley Gets Promotion - By the New Sheriff


Press-Scimitar Staff Writer

    Elvis  Presley,  who  once tried to get a job as a Memphis policeman, is now an honorary sheriff of Shelby County.

   Memphis´  No. 1 attraction and one of Hollywood´s biggest stars has been "mugged" and fingerprinted in the Sheriff´s bureau of identification. His commission card bears his photo  and  right  thumb-print and is signed by Shelby´s new sheriff, William N. Morris, who was elected last  August.

   "I  promoted  Elvis,"  said Morris. "He previously was an honorary chief deputy."

    Elvis dropped by Sheriff Morris´ office to receive his honorary commission Monday night. The two chatted for some time.

   Morris´ wife, the former Ann Norton, and Elvis were in the same class at Humes High, but Mrs. Morris was not present when Morris interviewed Elvis.

   Asked  if  Elvis  would  have the  authority  to  make  an  ar-rest,  Morris  said  he  would. (Any citizen, however, may make  a  citizen-arrest  if  he sees a violation  and may de-tain  the  suspect  for  the  ar-rival of a law enforcement of-ficer.)

   Elvis and Morris t a l k e d about "the good old days in North Memphis" when both lived there. They reminished about the Suzore and Rialto theaters on Jackson Avenue which both frequently attend-ed, but not together.

   In their younger days, Elvis lived at Tupelo, Miss., and the Sheriff lived at Fulton, "15 minutes  from  Tupelo,"  and also at Amory.

   "Elvis  is  one  of  the  nicest men I´ve ever met," Sheriff Morris said. "He says that he has always been interested in law enforcement and he once applied for a job as a Memphis 

policeman but was t u r n e d down  because  he  was  too young - only 19.

  "As for me, I always wanted to be a highway patrolman."

   Elvis re-iterated that he´s "crazy about Memphis." He said that Ann-Margret, with whom  his  name  has  been linked in Hollywood dispatches of  the  past,  is  "great."  He  didn´t, however, comment on his No. 1 heart interest, if any.

 After  a  vacation  at  Grace-land,  his  Whitehaven  home, just  south  of  the  city,  Elvis left today to make another movie

    Sheriff   M o r r i s   said   he

learned that Elvis, under his movie contract, may no  longer ride motorcycles - and Elvis doesn´t mind.

   Another bit of information gleaned by the Sheriff: "Elvis often reads the Congressional Record as he rides around."