July 31, 1963

Hollywood, Ca.

Romance In The Air?

   The gal is Ann-Margret: the gent is Elvis Presley and the word is out that they´re hav-ing a romance. They´re pic-tured  having  a  private picnic

between scenes of their new movie,    "Viva  Las   Vegas," in which they co-star (AP Wirephoto)

Elvis & Ann-Margaret

- Romance Of The Year?


AP Movie-Television Writer

   HOLLYWOOD (AP) _ News to make the younger set flip: Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret are hav-ing a romance. At least that´s the way  it  looks.  You  can  always  be sure about  romances in Holly-wood. Sometimes they will flame while a movie is being made and released,  then  sputter   out  when all  the  publicity  has  been  gar-nered.

   Elvis and A-M are appearing opposite each other in "Viva Las Vegas."

   Well, seeing is believing, and their  behavior  on  the  film  set might make you believe that something is brewing between the two. They hold hands. They dis-appear into his dressing room be-tween shots. They lunch together in seclusion.

   The  other  day  they  were  film-ing a musical number. The song was  titled "Love You, Baby."

   Between takes, Elvis was avail-able for one of his laconic con-versations. What about Ann-Mar-gret?

   "She´s  really  got  magnetism, that girl," he said.

   He was speaking of her profes-sional  style  and  added  that  he had  seen  all  of  her  movies  ex-cept "Bye Bye Birdie," the musi-cal about a singing idol´s depar-ture  for  the  army.  Elvis  admit-ted that he had seen an abbrevi-ated  version  in  Las  Vegas.  Did he recognize anyone in it" He grinned and replied, "No, not really."

   That´s about as personal as you can get with Elvis.

   Ann-Margret,  fetching  in  a sheer,  tight leotard, was evasive. Asked  if  a  romance  was  bloom-ing  she  responded,  with  a  shake of her red tresses, "That´s some-thing I won´t talk about."

     She did admit to having  been  a

Presley fan, though she never bought his records."I listened to them on the radio," she explained.

   I love this kind of music," she added,  referring  to  the  Presley style of  rock ´n´ roll. "It´s so free, so unhibited. It´s not the kind of music I have generally done, I´ve usually had the show-type of song.

   "But I can do all kinds. If it´s show,  I´ll  be  showy.  If  it´s a bal-lad,   I´ll   be   tender.   If  it´s  wild, I´ll be wild."

   It was "Birdie" that made Ann-Margret the hit of the teen-agers, especially the prologue and epi-logue in which she belted the title tune. The idea originated with the director, George Sidney, who is directing "Viva Las Vegas."