March 14, 1960

Graceland, Memphis, Tn.

Elvis is Going to Miami For T-V Show Filming

Elvis Presley will leave Memphis either Sunday or Monday for Miami.

“I don´t know which day I´m due down there,” Elvis said. “Col. (Tom) Parker will let me know. I´m going down there to film the Frank Sinatra television show.” Elvis said Sinatra is currently in Miami singing at the Fontainebleau.

Elvis was host to some 60 members of the Holiday on Ice company yesterday at his Graceland mansion in Whitehaven.

With one exception, Elvis let the ice skaters have the run of the house.

´No Cameras´

That exception, in Elvis´ own words: "No cameras inside the house. Check your flash guns at the door."

The group was scheduled to arrive by bus about 2:45 p.m. but one foursome, who elected to drive out by private car a little early, found that Elvis was still asleep at 2:30, so they called and delayed the buses.

Elvis, wearing black trousers and maroon sport coat, greeted each guest personally at the door. He took Debbie and Robbie Williams, ages 6 and 4, to some unknown corner of the house and returned with them after a 10-minute absence.

Each had a large stuffed animal, personally autographed by Mr. E


Show Going, Too

As chance would have it, the Holiday on Ice show leaves  Memphis  for Miami tomorrow where they will replace Sinatra as the attraction at the Fontainebleau

Elvis told of sitting on the front row and watching the ice show in Frankfurt, Germany.

“We kept kidding the girls in the chorus line,” Elvis said. “They didn´t pay attention to us at first, but finally they got rattled. A couple of the girls on the end of the line slipped and fell and dragged half the line down with them. I had to leave, I was laughing so hard.”

In Elvis´ bedroom is a book “How to Live 365 Days a Year” by Dr. John A. Schindler. He admitted he had been reading it along with “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

Then to Hollywood

He said he will leave Miami for Hollywood and the filming of “G. I. Blues,” which he told the ice stars “just happens to be the story of a G. I. in Germany . . . but the story isn´t about my life over there. They couldn´t film parts of that.” They laughed.

At the conclusion of the tour Elvis broke open the wrapping of a “Welcome Home, Elvis” cake and everybody had a slice. Some had seconds.

 Two of Elvis´ close friends are now visiting at Graceland. Cliff Gleaves, who was with him in Germany arrived yesterday, along with Robert (Red) West, former Humes High classmate who is now doing t-v bit work in Hollywood.

Reporter Waits At Unguarded Gate

Elvis had a new gate guard yesterday. Me!

Leaving Graceland, I drove down the long winding drive to find the gateman had gone for dinner. If I opened the gate to leave, there was no way to close it from the outside and surely the fans would have taken advantage of the opened portals. After 10 minutes Gene Smith, Elvis´ cousin, arrived and I escaped.

 GRACELAND HOST - Elvis Presley played host to the Holiday on Ice cast yesterday at his Graceland home in Whitehaven. Altho he allowed no Pictures on the inside of his home Elvis posed for Picture-taking sessions on his front porch.

Memphis Press Scimitar, March 15, 1960