March 10, 1960

Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, Tn.

Elvis and Party Go to Ice Show

Elvis Presley went to the Ice show last night.

His white Cadillac was parked between two “Do Not Park” signs in front of the north entrance to Ellis Auditorium where Holiday on Ice is playing.

He arrived shortly after the show started to avoid the crowds. He and his party of 15 to 20 friends were taken to the top balcony. A middle-aged man waited at the wheel of the white car near closing time for a quick take-off.

Bird´s-Eye View of Show

Elvis and a pretty companion saw the spectacular Holiday on Ice Show from the topmost balcony of Ellis Auditorium. The girl was not identified but was one of several in the singer´s party. Elvis hinted that he might return for another performance before the show moves on after Tuesday night.

Text-Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, March 11, 1960

Three uniformed men, firemen or policemen, could be dimly seen in the top balcony from the main floor. Auditorium attaches said they were with the Presley group. The Presley party included some girls but mostly boys.

Only a few persons in the audience were aware of Presley´s presence. A few of the younger performers climbed to the top Balcony to get his autograph.

Skaters Meet Elvis

Four-year-old Robbie Williams, who is something of a sensation himself as a featured skater in Holiday on Ice, met another sensation of the entertainment world last night when he was held up by Guy Coffee, of the Ellis Auditorium staff, to shake the hand of Elvis Presley. The pretty blond at the left is Cathy Lynn of Rotterdam, Holland, a skater in the show. The pretty blond on the right, seated, is Jane Morris, who was Miss Georgia in 1956. At the extreme right is Robbie´s mother, Pat Williams, who is also a featured skater. Presley and his party sat in the top balcony. It was the first time anybody has been admitted to the top balcony since the popular Ice show has been playing Memphis. Elvis laughed at a “Hound Dog” number that was a take-off of the song he made famous. He said he was having “a great time.”