May 3, 1953

Memphis, Tn.

Parking Stall Proves Biggest Bugaboo

At Fairgrounds Teen-Age Road-eo

By MENNO DUERKSEN, Press-Scimitar Staff Writer

   A 20-foot parking stall was villain of  the  show  at  the  Teen-age Road-eo at the Fairgrounds yes-terday.
   More sweat, tears and frustration were spent on this pesky stall than any other obstacle as 38 teen-agers battled  for  honors  as  Memphis´ best teen-age driver.

   Today and tomorrow the remain-ing 36 contestants will get behind the wheels of the new Fords, Chevrolets  and  Plymouths  to  take a crack at the obstacle course.

   The big night is Friday, at the Fairgrounds Casino, when the 13 winners  will  be  announced.  Num-ber one winner not only gets a console television-radio set but will get a crack at the state title in  Nashville.

   And, of course, the Nashville winner goes to Washington to com-pete for the national title.

   Everyone  thought  the  two  rows of  balanced  tennis  balls  would  be the tough one, but several drivers came  thru  this  test  with  flying colors only to come to grief on the parking stall.

   Several  young  drivers  simply gave  up  in  despair  when  their three  tries  failed  to  get  them  into the  box,  within  six  inches  of  the curb  and  without  knocking  over any  stanchions.

   No official scores have been an-nounced, but Dud Curry, co-chair-man of the Jaycee Road-eo com-mittee, said one young driver had scored 360 out of a possible 400 for high of the day.

   No contestant will be told his score  until  Friday  night.  One  of the high scorers yesterday was a girl, said Curry. with three girls going thru the serpentine course in the first day of qualifying.

   The tennis ball bogey was prob-ably number-two villain.

   In  this  test,  the  young  drivers were required to put the left wheels of their cars between the two rows of balls, balanced in rows 11½ inches  apart,  first  forward  and then in reverse.

   With most young hopefuls, the balls were flying all over the place, but the boy who scored 360 knocked over only one ball in his tro trips thru the rows.

   All Memphis teen-agers, whether they  qualified  for  the  contest  or not, are welcome to the dance Friday night if they have a driver´s license.

   Dick Covington, WHBQ disk jocket, will be master of cere-monies with the Swingsters making Music.
   As soon as the first Road-eo is over the negro Road-eo, sponsored by the negro Jaycees, will begin, using  the  same  equipment  and same  course  as  that  now  being used.

Honor to Road-eo

Champ Tonight

Big Announcement

At Teen-age Hop

   Tonight is the big night for Mem-phis teen-agers who have competed in  the  Teen-age  Road-eo.  Mem-phis´ young champion will be an-nounced at the Teen-age Hop at Fairgrounds Casino.

   James Curry, Road-eo co-chair-man for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, sponsor, said all Mem-phis teen-agers with driver licenses are invited.

   Two girls, he said, were in the list of the 13 winners.

   More than 400 Memphis teen-agers  from  city   and   county  high

schools took part, more than 70 in actual driving competition com-pleted at the Fairgrounds Wednes-day.

   The grand winner gets a console television-radio and goes to Nash-ville to compete in the state finals for  a  chance  at  the  national finals in Washington.

   On Sunday, 48 teen-agers from Memphis  negro  scools  will  take the same tests at Melrose Stadium for  top  honors  in  a  Teen-age Road-eo, sponsored by Negro Jaycees.

   Winner of the negro Roas-eo will be announced at the teen-age hop at Hippodrome Ballroom, 500 Beale, Monday night.

   Winners in the first three places will receive plaques, said E. L. Henderson,  negro  Jaycee  presi-dent.

All text found by Francesc Lopez