October 7, 1957

Memphis, Tn.

Pair of Champions

Lady Wrestler Is Presley´s New Date

Guess who dated a lady wrestler last night?

Elvis Presley, no less!

The rock ´n´ roll king went to Ellis Auditorium to see the "fight for money" gals in action.

He liked them so well that he took one of them with him.

A Press-Scimitar reporter saw Elvis slipping out a side entrance with Penny Banner, a blond - one of the most beautiful lady wrestlers in the business.

Before her date with Presley, Penny had polished off four gal grapplers in a five-girl wrestle royal.

The two stopped first at Chennault´s Restaurant on S. Bellevue, then drove on to Graceland for a record playing session.

Much, much later, Elvis and his companion were seen alighting from a Presley Cadillac in front of the Chisca where Penny was staying.

Miss Banner said she met Elvis last Spring in St. Louis when he was playing there.

"I hope to see him again - he´s very nice," she said.

Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, October 8, 1957