May 17, 1957

Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Los Angeles, Ca.

Presley Has Operation

Porcelain Tooth Cap Removed From Singer´s Right Lung

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 15 - Elvis Presley underwent an operation today for removal of a tooth cap that slipped down his windpipe into his right lung.

The singer swallowed the porcelain cap yesterday while doing a dance routine for his current motion picture, "Jailhouse Rock."

When he experienced pain on the set this morning, he was taken to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, where X-rays showed the cap.

A spokesman for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer said Mr. Presley would remain at the hospital overnight and probably would recuperate at his hotel for two days or so.

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Presley Makes Grand Exit From Hospital

HOLLYWOOD, May 17 - - Elvis Presley is a popular man with the nurses as he leaves Cedars of Lebanon Hospital today after an emergency operation to remove a dislodged dental cap that wedged in a bronchial tube. A corps of nurses appeared from every-where as Presley, wearing a blue silk shirt and fire red zipper jacket, walked from the hospital to his Cadillac. The dental cap had dislodged Tuesday while Presley was doing a dance sequence at MGM studio. The nurses are Beverly Altomore (left) and Elissa Martyn.

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Tooth Cap In Elvis´ Lung - - Out Now!

Elvis Presley was to be released from Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood today following removal of a porcelain tooth cap from his right lung.

Doctors said the tooth cap was removed successfully by bronchoscopy - insertion of a narrow tubular instrument down into the throat. No incision was made.

Elvis was taken to the hospital yesterday after he apparently breathed the tooth cap down into his lung during a dance number for his new MGM Movie, "Jailhouse Rock."

Doctors said Elvis will be able to go back to work in a few days, can recuperate in his hotel suite.

Elvis was taken to the hospital after complaining of a severe pain in his right chest. X-rays revealed the location of the cap.

The caps are worn by many film stars to make the teeth appear perfectly even.

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