April 15, 1957

Holiday Towers, Memphis, Tn.

Elvis Takes It Easy


Elvis talked with Dewey Phillips, WHBQ disk jockey, and idly picked at Underwood´s guitar. Underwood wrote "Ubangi Stomp," and Elvis said he wanted to record another Underwood tune, "Titles Will Tell," which has been released by Sun with Barbara Pittman. Dewey, if you haven´t heard it already, is having lots of fun with a new catch phrase, to wit: "May I be the first to wish you success in your new job."


That´s the way Elvis Presley enjoys himself a lot when he is home. Here he is with Martha Lou Pendergrass, 19, (photo below far right)  whom he has dated several times recently, as they visited in the Holiday Towers apartment of Charles Underwood, composer.

Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, April 16, 1957