March 25, 1957

Graceland, Memphis, Tn.

Mansion Fit for a (Rock ´n´ Roll) King

Elvis Looks Over Graceland

PENSIVE - Elvis ponders the wonder of a new home.

PERSONAL - Elvis looks over his new bedroom.

PLANS - Elvis checks ideas for his castle.

Presley Is Eager To Redecorate

He Has Plenty of His Own Ideas To Try Out on His New Home.

Elvis Presley, the boy with the golden voice, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley, were to be new owners of one of Memphis´ most graciously beautiful homes today.

It marked the long upward climb of a young man who sang his way into the hearts of a nation´s young people.

The Presleys were to complete purchase of Graceland at Whitehaven for a price of $100,000.

Elvis already had his own ideas about his own bedroom:

"I want the darkest blue there is for my room - with a mirror that will cover one side of the room.

I probably will have a  black bedroom suite, trimmed in white leather, with a white rug."

Elvis wants the entrance hall of the home decorated with a sky effect - tiny lights for stars, and clouds painted on the ceiling.

"I think it would be great," said Elvis.

Elvis also wants a "Hi-Fi receiver in every room."

The Presleys were at Graceland, making plans.

More Privacy

"I think I am going to like this new home," said his mother. "We will have a lot more privacy, and a lot more room to put some of the things we have accumulated over the last few years."

Vernon  Presley agreed, but like most men, was a bit skittish about all the bother of moving.

"Moving is going to be a problem," he said, "altho a moving company has said they will move us free of charge."

"We just had the old place fixed up like we wanted it. Now we have to start all over again.

We got $55,000 for our home on Audubon, and that was just about what we had in it."

Will Have Pool

Elvis said plans for the new home include "a swimming pool on the south side of the house with a large sunken patio leading up to the pool."

Also there will be a six-foot stone fence for the front and side of the lot.

The home is an 18-room affair, with a four-car garage, servants quarters, and bathrooms of various sizes and shapes. One in the basement is marked "Boys," another, "Girls."

The bathroom connecting to the bedroom Elvis will use is dark blue with mirrors all around.

Little-known item:

The traditional Southern beauty of Graceland may well have saved Memphis its most famous resident.

Mrs. Presley revealed her husband had wanted to buy a home in Hollywood, but she and Elvis wouldn´t hear of it.

"Elvis said he wanted to stay in Tennessee," Vernon Presley said.

Elvis has ordered purple walls with gold trim for the living room, dining room and sun rooms. There will be white curduroy drapes.

Mrs. Presley said she wasn´t too enthusiastic about purple walls - she preferred lighter colors.

But Elvis, "like most young people, likes dark, cozy colors."

The Presleys hope to be in their new home by April 15, when all the re-decorating is done.

Source:  Memphis Press Scimitar, March 26, 1957

BEAUTIFUL HOME of the Presleys, Graceland at Whitehaven, is caught vividly in this picture, with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley, Elvis´ parents, and one of the famed Cadillacs in front.