March 19, 1957

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, Tn.

Gift Delivered to Memphis by Grandmother - -

"He Stands Tall Like a Texan," Says Child

They do things big down Texas way - even the grandmothers and granddaughters.

And Carolyn George, who is 8 and in the third grade in Cleburne, Texas, near Fort Worth, is a determined little miss.

Carolyn is an Elvis Presley fan.

Since last October she has been saving her allowance, which may be $1 a week when she´s good, depending, to buy a present for her hero.

"Nanny," Carolyn said, "he stands tall like a Texan."

So Carolyn decided to buy a real Texas Stetson for Elvis.

However, Carolyn got to worrying about whether that hat would get to Elvis. It might get crushed, or lost.

"Nanny," said Carolyn, "you have a pass on the railroad so you´ll just have to take my presents and see that they´re delivered yourself."

Mrs C. R. Hughett, 53, whose husband is with the Santa Fe, left Texas by train at 5:05 p.m. Monday, rode all night, arrived at 7:10 yesterday morning.

She brought with her the hat and assorted gifts, including a laquered tray from one of Carolyn´s Grandfather Taylor George´s Coca-Cola plants (he was an early Coke stockholder, going back to the 1900s, and now has interests in Coke plants scattered far and wide, according to Mrs. Hughett) for Mrs. Vernon Presley, a charm bracelet with Texas symbold and letters for Mrs. Presley, a book about glories of Texas for Vernon Presley, and an official "passpost" to the "Empire of Texas" for Elvis, in addition to the hat.

Ms. Hughett was also instructed to bring her camera to get a picture of Elvis´ house.

Mrs. Hughett didn´t know that Elvis would arrive home. "I´m just delivering the gifts," she said. "Goodness knows I wouldn´t want to intrude on their privacy."

She brought the gifts and the letter to Robert Johnson of The Press-Scimitar. Carolyn had read some of Johnson´s stories about Elvis.

Special Representative

The letter says in part: "This is to tell you about my grandmother, I´m sending her to Memphis to represent me, as I am in school and my Mommy won´t let me come now. I fell in love with Elvis Presley when I saw him on the Ed Sullivan show and then my Grandmother Nanny took me over to Dallas to see him last October."

"I have saved my money and bought a real Texas Stetson for him because he stands tall like a Texan. Am also sending him two pictures of me which the photographer of the Cleburne Times Review made and a beautiful tray from one of my granddaddy George´s Coca-Cola plants. . .

"I have all of Elvis´ records, over 50 of his pictures in my bedroom . . . Mr. Johnson, please be nice to my Nanny and please do see that Elvis gets these things and you come to Texas and I will roll out the red carpet for you, podner."

Mrs. Hughett, laden with hat box, tray, luggage and assorted parcels, was having a good time on her adventure. "I´ll just sight-see around your Town, and then leave for home," she said.

"I Think Elvis is a good performer, but this means nothing to me except pleasing my granddaughter.

"I know there is no sex - they talk about that all the time - when a child like this can respect and admire him so much. He must be a fine boy."

Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, March 20, 1957 

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Here´s Elvis trying on his new hat. "That was a mighty sweet thing she did," he said of Carolyn´s gift.

"GOLDEN BOY" - Elvis Presley is pictured in the new suit his manager, Col. Tom Parker, presented to him for his upcoming tour and a tv appearance now being negotiated. The suit is of a soft, light leather imported from Switzerland, impregnated with gold so that it looks like flexible gold.

The shirt is silver leather treated the same way. The tie is of golden leather, decorated like the coat with brilliants. It was made by Nudie Rodeo Tailors of Hollywood, who also make the eye-catching garments for Liberace and Roy Rogers.

Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, March 21, 1957.