December 11, 1956

Memphis, Tn.

Elvis´ Tank Was Empty, Street Full.

That traffic tie-up down in front of 72 Madison shortly after 1 p.m. today was Elvis Presley out of gas.

Most embarrassing. That shiny brand new white Cadillac Eldorado he bought just last week sputtered to a halt in front of State Savings Bank.

Quoting Mrs. Nancy McGee, assistant cashier at State Savings Bank:

"The people started coming from everywhere. In no time at all it looked like hundreds - maybe even thousands - were around him. They had the street blocked and four or five policemen were trying to keep the street clear but the people came coming in from both sides of the street.

The windows of all the buildings around were filled with people craning their necks to see.

The people just kept pouring out of the buildings. He must have signed a thousand autographs.

An ambulance stopped, and Elvis went over and talked to the little girl inside.

He´s awfully sweet.

Finally some policemen brought some gas, but it still took time for him to get out."

Running out of gas is not unusual with Elvis. He has a habit of keeping his motor running whenever he stops, and those big cars drink it fast.

Copyright: Memphis Press Scimitar, December 11, 1956