November 10, 1956

New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nv.

”Pelvis” Presley Mobbed in Sprint For Vegas "Trim"

Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley and his fabulous sideburns sneaked into town early yesterday morning and immediately locked themselves in a New Frontier suite. Close on his cowboy heeled boots came a snarling, squealing, pleading horde of teenagers who had already gotten the scent of the affluent guitarist´s approach  from the West. In less time than it takes to say "A´m Nothin´ But a Hound Dawg," the hotel was a swirling mass of bobby soxers, young and old.

Looking sexier than ever (he hadn´t slept all the way in from Los Angeles via train) Elvis opened the door wide enough to tell this correspondent that he and his personal manager, Colonel Tom Parker, were meeting with the New Frontier´s Sammy Lewis who was on his way helter skelter from Paris via New York. Parker stoutly maintained that Presley would be more than happy to play the Venus Room of the New Frontier for $50,000 a week or a sum in that vicinity "providing we have the time open."

For the record, Elvis played the New Front last April for two weeks at $7,500 a week. However, since then Presley has made a picture for 20th Century Fox, several million plus records and sold many trainloads of Elvis Presley Sideburns to his doting admirers.

But far more important to Elvis than mere money was the fact that he hadn´t had his daily haircut yet. So, as the sun began setting in the West and  the crowds of clawing admirers began increasing, Elvis and his group sneaked out the back door and made a rush visit to the barbershop in the lobby. It was a most harrowing visit because  the guy getting shaved in the other chair will remember the shave he got as long as he lives, if he does after all the scratches.

Presley, Parker and group leave for Los Angeles Tuesday morning or as soon as producer Sammy Lewis has been appraised of the Presley demands.

Copyright:Las Vegas SUN, November 11, 1956