November 21, 1955

Sun Studio, Hotel Peabody, Memphis, Tn.

Memphis Singer Presley Signed By
RCA-Victor for Recording Work

                                          By ROBERT JOHNSON,  Press-Scimitar Stafff Writer

  Elvis Presley, 20, Memphis re-cording star and entertainer who stormed into bigtime and the big money almost overnight, has been released from his  contract with Sun Record Co. of Memphis and will record exclusively for 

  ELVIS PRESLEY - At 20, an        RCA_Victor contract, grow-        ing fame and a pink Cadillac.

RCA-Victor, it was announced by Sam C. Phillips, Sun president.
  Phillips and RCA officials did not reveal terms, but said the money involved is  probably the highest ever paid for a contract release for a country-western recording artist.

  "I feel Elvis  is one of the most talented youngsters today," Phil-lips said, "and by releasing his contract to RCA-Victor we will give him the opportunity of en-tering the largest organization of its kind in the world, so his tal-ents can be given the fullest opportunity.

Handled by Parker

  Negotiations were handled by Col. Tom Parker of Hank Snow Jamboree Attractions, Madison, Tenn.; Bob Neal, Presley´s per-sonal manager, and Coleman Tiley III of RCA-Victor.
  Elvis Presley Music, a pub-lishing firm, has been  set up to handle much of Pressley´s mu-sic, in conjunction with  Hill  and

Range Music, Inc., New York City.

  Bob Neal, WMPS personality, continues as Presley´s personal manager and will handle his personal apppearances and other activities, but Hank Snow-Jam-boree Attractions will handle Presley enterprises in radio, tv, movies and theaters.
  Also  taking  part  in  negotia-tions were Hank Snow himself, RCA-Victor´s longest-term west-ern star; Sam Esgro,  RCA-Vic-tor regional sales manager; Ben Starr of Hill and Range Music, and Jim Crudgington, local RCA-Victor representative.
  Presley, who lived in Tupelo, Miss., until he was 14 and is a graduate of Humes High, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Presley, 462 Alabama.

  Phillips signed him for Sun Records after Presley wandered in  one  day  and  wanted to  have a recording made at his own expense.

Best-Seller Fast

  His first record, "That´s All Right,  Mama"  and  Blue  Moon

  BIG TIME - Elvis Presley, swift-rising sensation from Memphis in the country-mu-

sic field, has just about hit the top. The 20-year-old singer has just been signed by RCA-Victor for record-ing work.

of Kentucky," hit the best-seller lists  immediately  after  its    re-lease in  July last year, and both Billboard and Cashbox, trade journals, named him most promising western star. He be-came a regular in Louisiana Hayride on CBS. His newest record, "Mystery Train" and "I Forgot  to  Remember,"  is  his best-seller so far. Both songs were  written  by  Stan  Kesler and  Charlie  Feathers,  a  Mem-phis team. Tony Arden has just recorded  "I  Forgot  to  Remem-ber"  for  Victor,  and  Peewee King´s latest is also a Kesler-Feathers composition.

  All five Presley records have made the best-seller list.

  Presley´s "Mystery  Train" is now being played by pop disk jockeys as well as c&w in the east.

  Sun has 10 country-western ar-tists remaining on its label, in-cluding Johnny Cash and a new-comer, Carl Perkins of Bemis, Tenn., who writes his own music and who is causing a stir. This week Sun brings out  a new femi-nine vocalist, Maggie Sue Wim-berly of Florence, Ala., with songs by another Memphis com-posing team, Billl Cantrell and Quentin Claunch, who wrote a previous substantial country-western his, "Day Dreaming."

Rural-Style Singer,

Elvis Presley, 20,

Signed By RCA-Victor

  MEMPHIS Nov. 22 (UP) - Elvis Presley, 20-year-old country-style singing sensation, has ben signed by RCA-Victor for recording work.

  Presley, who lived at Tupelo, Miss.,  until  he  was  14,  got  his first  chance  to  recoord  from Sam C. Phillips of Sun Record Co. here.
  Terms of the negotiations be-tween RCA and Phillips were not disclosed. In announcing the re-lease to RCA, Phillips said Presley "is one of the most talented young-sters today. By releasing his con-tract we give him the opportunity of entering the largest organization of its kind, so his talents can be given the fullest opportunity.

$40,000 Pay-Off Reported

In Elvis Presley Deal

                                        By ROBERT JOHNSON, Press-Scimitar Staff Writer

  Buy it with a  song?
  You sure can, if you sing it right.  When Elvis Presley´s contract  was  acquired  by RCA  Victor from Sun Records

of   Memphis   last

week,  it  was   an-

nounced that a rec-

ord sum for buying

a  country-western

artist´s     contract

was  involved, but

no  figure  was  gi-

ven  by Sam  Phil-

lips, owner of Sun.

  Billboard,      the

amusements trade publication, Page One´s the Presley deal this week and says it involved "a re-ported pay-off of $40,000 to Sun Records for Presley´s contract."

 The 20-year-old Humes High graduate´s contract had only one year more to run, which shows what Victor thinks of him. RCA Victor got rights to five unre-leased Presley recordings, and will also bring out Presley´s cur-rent "I Forgot to Remember to Forget," No. 4 on the country-western best-seller list, under the Victor label, within a week.
  Looks as tho not  only Elvis but Sun Records is  doing all  right.