July 22, 1955. 9:21 pm
Joy Drive-In, Minden, La.

Three advertisements for Elvis´ show in Minden, La.
From left: Herald & Webster Review, 550707, 550714, 550721.

"If  I´d  known  then . . ."

She´s been married for 47 years, is the mother of five children and authored a cookbook recently, but Peggy Chesire Baldwin was only 15 when she met Elvis.
The question: Had she cooked for him, would he have been healthier in his middle age?
"Naturally," said Baldwin. "He sure would have. I´ve got a husband who´ll be 75 in  March."
The menu the night she met Elvis was hamburgers and hotdogs. It was late1954 or early in 1955, she remembers, when Elvis performed at her family´s Joy Drive-In Theater, in Minden, on a flatbed feed truck from a local feed store. One of the things Elvis liked most about the performance was it was the first time he´d seen his name in lights, compliments of her uncle, John Cobb, the drive-in´s manager,a huge Louisiana Hayride fan.
After the performce, Elvis rested in Cobb´s little house behind the concession stand. Peggy and Elvis had their picture made on the couch; Peggy´s 18-year-old boyfriend took the picture and cleared his throat when Elvis put his arm around Peggy. That photo is one of several she included in her cookbook Only the Pot Nose, which is available at several area gift shops.

"Oh my lord, if I´d known then what I know now, I wouldn´t have settled for a hug," she said. "I´d have wanted a ´pucker."
"He sat over there in his little chair and drank cough syrup, or whatever was in there for his  cough, from this little bottle he had," she said. "He was just the sweetest, most polite boy. What´s so funny is he was so timid."
But he wasn´t so shy that he didn´t enjoy visiting with the drive-in crowd after his break inside, she said.
"I had a date so I didn´t spend too much time with him," Peggy said, "but lots of people wanted to see him. That was pretty easy to tell."

Elvis, Scotty and Bill perform at the Minden Joy Drive-In.

Elvis posed with Peggy, Cheshire Baldwin after he sang at her family´s Joy Drive-In Theater in Minden. Her then boyfriend took the picture.

There has been much discussion about Elvis´ show in

Minden, La.
Here is what happened:

On Thursday, July 7, 1955 the Minden Herald & Webster  Review had an ad for Elvis´ coming soon show.

There was no date for the show.

On Thursday, July  14, 1955 the Minden Herald & Webster Review had a second ad for the show.

It does say "Friday-In Person." However, if you look at the top of the advertisement you will notice two movies on Friday which would be July 15.
At the bottom Elvis is announced for the coming Friday.

On Thursday, July 21, 1955 the Minden Herald &  Webster Review had the third ad for Elvis´ show.
Elvis is at top and his show starts at 9:21  p.m. on Friday, July 22, 1955 at the Joy Dive-In, Minden, La.

After his performance at the drive-in, Elvis rested at Cobb´s house and drank something for his cough.

Elvis with Homer, La. DJ Jim Blanchard.